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Karen S

Dr. Partovi has been my daughter’s orthodontist since she was in 2nd grade. We have done two phases of braces and Dr. Partovi made the experience so easy and painless! Dr. Partovi makes my daughter at ease and explains every phase that she does. She has a great staff and it is a pleasure to go to the office!

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Sandra M

Dr.Partovi is a very determined individual that works hard at giving the patient the best orthodontic treatment. She is very detailed and is a perfectionist. I especially liked the way she treated me and explained every step of the way.

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Ralph P

Dr. Partovi has been an amazing orthodontist. I’ve heard all the horrors of bad orthodontist on web pages, word of mouth etc. I have always been very hesitant about where to go. I have gone to large corporate dental offices in the past

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Teresa V

Dr. Partovi has an amazing spirit which carries though her work. She makes everyone feel at home in her office, and you feel like she is a long lost best friend. My children love her, and she even wrote a letter of recommendation for my daughters college application.

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Claudia A

Dr. Partovi hold her self to a very high standard, and she truly enjoys giving her patients the best smile. She is charismatic and it is such a pleasure to go to her office every month. She made my orthodontic treatment such an enjoyable experience!

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Desiree P

Dr. Partovi took better care of me than Dentists I have given thousands of dollars too. She is very professional and caring. She went the extra mile to make sure I got the care I needed without over paying. She doesn’t try to swindle you she is very honest and tries to give you the best price for the best quality work.

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Lance G

Had a night-guard/breathing appliance made custom by Dr. Partovi. Everything was perfect. I am very happy with my care and the professional service I received, along with how fast a custom device was expedited. The whole process, from molds to checking fitting upon receiving appliance, was remarkable.

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Sue S

If you are looking for the best experience for your kids or yourself ,I highly recommend Dr. Partovi . She is the most sincere and kind at the same time professional doctor , I have ever seen. I got invisalign for myself and my daughter got braces. We are so happy with her work.

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Kevin L

Dr. Partovi is extremely patient and talented at what she does. Being extremely meticulous, I interviewed several orthodontists prior to making my final decision. I’m 5 months in to my treatment and very pleased with my results. Her office and staff is first class.

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