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Truly Invisible Invisalign With The 360 Method

Dr. Mahtab Partovi has completely revolutionized the Invisalign process. Finally, you can enjoy correct your smile through Invisalign in a way that this truly INVISIBLE. Not only does the development of this new technique go virtually unnoticeable by others, but it has proven to produce straighter teeth by almost half the time! This revolutionary process has been named The 360 Method.

What Makes the 360 Method Different?

Dr. Partovi has turned the concept of invisibility into an art form. Unlike traditional Invisalign, the 360 Method allows for a smooth finish over your teeth. There are no awkward attachments bonded to the front of the teeth. No one will see when you wear your Invisalign and nothing will be visible when your trays are off!
The 360 Method produces straight teeth faster than traditional Invisalign treatment. Additionally, it provides a virtually painless experience while teeth shift into alignment and your perfect smile is created.
You can secretly create the smile you’ve always wanted. Don’t settle for embarrassing, obvious, bulky attachments on your teeth for the world to see. Dr. Partovi is the ONLY orthodontist using the discrete method. We let your smile be the first thing people see. The choice is clear – start straightening your teeth with the 360 Method today!


Not All Invisalign Is the Same - See How We Create Straight Smiles Invisibly

Traditional Invisalign providers place affix unattractive attachments on the front of the teeth. As a consequence of these noticeable protrusions, the Invisalign treatment begins to look like braces - this defeats the entire purpose of an Invisible treatment.
With Dr. Partovi's groundbreaking Invisalign method, there is NOTHING visible, so you can confidently smile and live your life as you normally would! Smile in pictures, chat with friends or even kiss that special someone without fear of Invisalign getting in the way.
The 360 Method makes the Invisalign journey exactly what is should be...INVISIBLE!
Dr. Partovi has helped thousands of patients love their smiles without anyone knowing they are being treated with the 360 Method. Shouldn’t you be next?

The 360 MethodEveryone Else
Completely Invisible Invisalign
Gum Contouring
Treatment Completion up to 60% Faster
3D Imaging of Your Future Smile
Tooth Shaping
In-Office Teeth Whitening At End of Treatment


Meet Dr. Partovi

Dr. Mahtab Partovi earned her degree from the esteemed New York University College of Dentistry. After dental school, Dr. Partovi completed her residency at Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics, where she worked alongside celebrated orthodontists. Through her intensive studies as well as cutting-edge industry knowledge, Dr. Partovi has become a leading orthodontic provider. Dr. Partovi has successfully developed new, innovative approaches to traditional orthodontic procedures to provide her patients beautiful results. Dr. Partovi’s revolutionary method has allowed patients to find their smiles with her better faster easier approach.

As a respected member of the Los Angeles dental community – Dr. Partovi is proud to offer a wide selection of orthodontic treatment options for her patients. In addition to traditional, self-ligating and lingual braces; Dr. Partovi has developed her own, unique solution for Invisalign patients. As the innovator of this distinctive Invisalign concept, it has been named The 360 Method.

The 360 Method allows patients to enjoy the benefits of a smooth, seamless smile during Invisalign without any visible signs of ugly attachments on their teeth. Dr. Partovi is the only Orthodontist to use this truly Invisalign approach. By doing so, patients have been able to secretly achieve straighter teeth without anyone noticing.

Having expertly corrected crooked teeth for thousands of individuals over the years, Dr. Partovi is among the most qualified orthodontists available to help you achieve the beautiful and healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

Discover for yourself why thousands of patients have already trusted Dr. Partovi with their smiles!

As Dr. Partovi says, “Everybody has a smile…we’ll help you find it!”

Book your appointment with the smile experts at 360 Orthodontics today!


Our Philanthropy


Hearts of Los Angeles

Dedicated to empowering undeserved youths to develop their education - Dr. Partovi is heavily involved in this cause through, donation orthodontic treatment, as well as providing education and career lectures

Covenant House

This non-profit organization that helps at-risk homeless youth to protect them abuse and trafficking. Each month, Dr. Partovi has committed herself to donates a full set of braces to one deserving resident.

Jewish Federation of Los Angeles

As a member of the healthcare committee, Dr. Partovi donates orthodontic treatment provide the care and resources to the Los Angeles Jewish Community

Special Olympics
Special Smiles

Dr. Partovi donates her personal time to offering dental exams and orthodontics treatment to help Special Olympics athletes. This allows Special Olympic participants to achieve optimal oral health.


Dr. Partovi donates orthodontics treatment for auction at this charity's annual fundraiser to benefit individuals who are impoverished and with limited access to health care.

Smiles Change Lives

Dr. Partovi has a profound desire to improve self-esteem and oral health for children. She participates in Smiles Change Lives (SCL) to provide treatment for families who cannot afford the full cost of braces



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