Truly Invisible Invisalign With The 360 Method

Dr. Mahtab Partovi has completely revolutionized the Invisalign process. Finally, you can enjoy correct your smile through Invsialign in a way that this truly INVISABLE. Not only does the development of this new technique go virtually unnoticeable by others, but it has proven to produce straighter teeth by almost half the time! This revolutionary process has been named The 360 Method.

What Makes the 360 Method Different?

Dr. Partovi has turned the concept of invisibility into an art form. Unlike traditional Invisalign, the 360 Method allows for a smooth finish over your teeth. There are no awkward attachments bonded to the front of the teeth. No one will see when you wear your Invisalign and nothing will be visible when your trays are off!

The 360 Method produces straight teeth faster than traditional Invisalign treatment. Additionally, it provides a virtually painless experience while teeth shift into alignment and your perfect smile is created.

You can secretly create the smile you’ve always wanted. Don’t settle for embarrassing, obvious, bulky attachments on your teeth for the world to see. Dr. Partovi is the ONLY orthodontist using the discreet method. We let your smile be the first thing people see. The choice is clear – start straightening your teeth with the 360 Method today!

The 360 Method: Braces

Teeth Straightening: Faster. Better. Easier.

Leading Beverly Hills orthodontist Dr. Mahtab Partovi has developed the faster, better, and easier approach to enhancing your smile…the natural way. Combining handpicked custom braces, cutting-edge technologies, and specialized techniques, the 360 Method steps beyond the “one-size-fits-all” teeth straightening approach of yesterday.

360 Method

  • Up to 60% faster results
  • Painless
  • Fewer Appointments
  • Personalized treatment plan in accordance with your lifestyle
  • Finishing aesthetic touches
  • Eliminate need for pulling teeth and expanders
  • Enhances facial aesthetics

Traditional Straightening

  • Basic metal braces
  • Requires an average 2 years of treatment
  • Frequent tightening that leads to pain and discomfort
  • One size fits all approach
  • Removal of healthy teeth and/or the use of palatal expanders
  • No attention to the face

Taking a holistic approach to orthodontics, Dr. Partovi will first establish a highly customized treatment plan in accordance with each individual’s distinct personal, practical, and dental needs. Dr. Partovi has eliminated the need for painful expanders that younger children typically get during the first stage of treatment. Instead of expanders, she is able to develop arches in the mouth with a much more conservative and painless teeth aligning approach, using Damon brackets.

After selecting the proper brackets or aligners, she will then implement the appropriate supplementary technologies to further accelerate and ease treatment.

On average, patients using the 360 Method will complete treatment as much as 60 percent faster than those using traditional systems.

However, the 360 Method sets out to do much more than rapidly and comfortably align teeth. Known for its masterful blend of science and art, the 360 Method also implements finishing aesthetic touches for an especially dramatic smile reveal.

Protecting not only your teeth, but also your investment, the 360 Method is all about permanently enhancing your true smile—not replacing it.