By far one of our most popular treatment options, Invisalign allows you to straighten your teeth in the most discreet way possible. It utilizes a clear plastic appliance, as oppose to the white porcelain of clear braces, that is virtually invisible. It makes Invisalign the ideal choice for adults who want to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile, without worrying about their appearance.

How Invisalign works

Invisalign involves using a custom series of aligner trays that are comprised of smooth and virtually invisible plastic. Worn over your teeth every day, the trays will gradually shift your teeth and create a beautiful new smile, based on the strategic movements Dr. Partovi has planned.

What to expect during treatment

Your Invisalign treatment begins during your initial consultation with Dr. Partovi at 360 Orthodontics. During that meeting, Dr. Partovi will carefully evaluate your mouth, teeth and gums to determine whether or not Invisalign can correct your unique dental issues and deliver the ideal smile you desire.

From there, if you decide to move forward with Invisalign, Dr. Partovi will take x-rays, photos and impressions of your teeth to plan for your treatment, including the precise movements of your teeth at every stage. A series of custom-made tray aligners will then be created just for you. You can expect these aligners to be extremely comfortable, and they won’t irritate your teeth or gums as can sometimes happen with traditional metal braces. You’ll wear your aligners for at least 20 hours every day, taking them out only to eat meals and brush your teeth.

Through this process, the aligners gradually and gently shift your teeth into their optimal position. Approximately every two weeks you’ll wear a new set of aligners, which will advance you through Dr. Partovi’s treatment plan and move you one step closer to your beautiful new smile. Throughout your treatment, you will also have routine visits with Dr. Partovi at her practice so she can monitor your progress and ensure an optimal outcome.


Can Invisalign correct my dental issues?enablejsapi=1?

Dr. Partovi is able to use Invisalign to correct a wide variety of dental issues that range from mild to complex, including:

  • Excess spacing. This occurs when there is too much space in between the teeth, creating a gap.
  • Overbite. Also known as “buck teeth,” this occurs when the upper teeth are located too far in front of the lower teeth.
  • Underbite. An underbite occurs when the lower jaw protrudes beyond the upper jaw, causing the front lower teeth to overlap the front top teeth.
  • Open bite. This occurs when some of the top and bottom teeth don’t meet all the way when biting.
  • Crowding issues. Crowding occurs when there isn’t enough space for the teeth to fit properly within the jaws. Signs of crowding are teeth that are twisted and displaced.
  • Crossbite. A crossbite develops when the upper and lower jaws are misaligned, causing some of the upper teeth to touch the inside of the lower teeth.

Benefits of Invisalign

At 360 Orthodontics, patients of all ages love Invisalign because of the many benefits it offers, including the ability to:

  • Straighten your teeth as discreetly as possible.
  • Remove the appliance whenever you want, giving you more freedom.
  • Eat without any food restrictions because of your braces.
  • Treat a wide range of dental issues.
  • Brush and floss your teeth normally, promoting optimal oral health.
  • Have less office visits to check on your progress.
  • Achieve a beautiful smile with less irritation to your cheeks and gums.

Before & After

Dr. Partovi can correct virtually any case of crooked, protruding or misaligned teeth, restoring a beautiful and healthy smile you’re

proud to show off. Please take a moment to view our before and after gallery, to see for yourself the dramatic results you can expect

to achieve when you receive Invisalign with Dr. Partovi.


How much does Invisalign cost?

At 360 Orthodontics, all of our treatments are completely customized. As such, the final cost of your Invisalign will depend on a variety of factors, including the severity of the dental issues being corrected and the length of treatment you’ll need to achieve an optimal outcome. During your initial consultation for Invisalign, Dr. Partovi will be able to offer personalized guidance on your specific investment.

Meet Dr. Partovi

A graduate of the esteemed New York University College of Dentistry, Dr. Mahtab Partovi is a respected orthodontist in Westwood offering the full range of braces to her Los Angeles patients, including traditional metal, Invisalign, self-ligating and lingual. Having expertly corrected crooked teeth for thousands of individuals over the years, Dr. Partovi is among the most qualified orthodontists available to help you achieve the beautiful and healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

Beyond her impressive technical expertise and years of experience, Dr. Partovi is also known for her dedication to personalized care. She is always available to her patients – not only to guide you through your family’s braces journey, but also to make sure you’re thriving in all areas of your life. Whether you need college and career advice, a letter of recommendation, a physician referral or a great vegetarian recipe, Dr. Partovi is there for you because she genuinely cares about the overall wellbeing of her patients. In fact, it’s her compassionate nature and commitment to her patients that have earned her a reputation as one of the top orthodontists.