At 360 Orthodontics, Dr. Partovi offers the full range of orthodontic treatments – expertly moving your teeth in a way that fits your lifestyle and unique needs. Luckily the teeth are not growing directly out of the jaw bones; otherwise there would be no way of correcting crooked or misaligned teeth. Each tooth is anchored to the bone by a sling-like ligament made of collagen. The ligament allows some movement in the socket while keeping the tooth in place.

When braces are fitted, the orthodontist has to assess the best way to direct the force created by the arch wire part of the braces. The skill that he or she does this is reflected in how comfortable the process is and the final result.

Constant gentle pressure

Los Angeles orthodontist Dr. Mahtab Partovi has placed thousands of braces and knows how important it is to get the amount and direction of pressure perfectly balanced. Otherwise unnecessary pain is caused by trying to move the teeth too quickly.

The ligament sling holding the tooth is capable of some movement to accommodate the act of eating. Foods have different degrees of chewing difficulty. Teeth are able to handle the different forces necessary to eating dense foods like steak or apples without being dislocated from the socket due to the flexibility of the ligament

Periodic adjustment of pressure

Changing the location and position of misaligned teeth requires light and constant force being placed on the teeth to allow them to move into a better position. To allow the teeth to move permanently, the bone surrounding the tooth reorganizes so that when the teeth are in the improved position, they will remain in place.

As the process continues, patients return to Dr. Partovi for periodic adjustments to the tension on the braces. This process takes about two years and once completed, the teeth are straightened, and any other issues such as rotated teeth are also corrected. Usually a retainer is worn for approximately 6 months following removal of the braces to ensure all bone reorganization is completed.