A revolutionary new orthodontic treatment, the Damon system uses self-ligating braces to straighten your teeth much more quickly – and with less pain – than traditional braces.

An overview of the Damon system

The Damon system uses self-ligating braces, which means that instead of using elastic rings (ligatures) to attach the arch wire to the brackets, the wire is attached directly to the brackets. This leads to a host of benefits, including rapid treatment, less pain and discomfort and optimal oral health. In addition, there are metal and clear versions of the Damon system available, so you can straighten your teeth as discreetly as you want.

Benefits of the Damon system

  • Quicker treatment. In a recent study, it was found that patients who straightened their teeth with the Damon system had treatment times that were more than six months shorter than patients who used traditional metal braces.
  • Less pain and discomfort. Because the arch wire is attached directly to the brackets, the friction that is usually caused by ligatures on traditional braces is eliminated. This allows the teeth to shift into place more freely, reducing pain.
  • Better oral health during treatment. The ligatures associated with traditional braces can accumulate bacteria and plaque if they aren’t cleaned properly. By eliminating this component, the Damon system promotes optimal oral health during treatment.
  • Fewer appointments. A recent study found that patients who straightened their teeth with the Damon system required 30% fewer appointments than individuals with traditional braces.

Differences between Damon braces and traditional braces

While the final outcome between the two systems is essentially the same, it is the process that sets Damon braces apart. The fundamental difference is that Damon system does not use elastic bands to attach the arch wire to the brackets. They have less bulk and do not rub against the tongue or the sides of the cheek as aggressively as traditional brackets with the hooks and bands.

Because there are no bands involved, there is no need for frequent visits to Beverly Hills to have the bands adjusted or replaced when they break. Self-ligating brackets do not require tightening at all. This greatly reduces the pain associated with moving the teeth not to mention the inconvenience of emergency visits to Dr. Partovi’s office when the bands break.

Discreet and fast

Another important difference aesthetically is that the Damon system is less visible. Eliminating the bulk of the rubber bands and the hooks needed to attach brackets makes Damon brackets much less noticeable. Additionally, these brackets come in clear materials leaving only a thin wire visible. This method has gained great popularity among Los Angeles adults who want to finally correct their teeth without being obvious. Damon brackets are not only less visible; the system accomplishes the task in much less time.


When using a traditional approach, several extractions are often needed to make room in the dental arch since crowding is often the cause of misalignment. The end result is still aesthetically pleasing but since several teeth may have been extracted to achieve straight even teeth, the smile may be narrower.

With self-ligating brackets the need for extractions is far less and often not needed at all. Since no (or very few) extractions are needed the smile is naturally wide and full when treatment is complete. The Damon system uses lighter forces during the process which allows the arch to develop naturally. In most cases a palatal expander is not needed with this system.

Damon Clear

Damon Clear is another product of the revolutionary Damon System. Using the same tieless brackets and advanced archwires that have placed the Damon System at the cutting edge of orthodontics, Damon Clear also offers the low profile advantage of clear brackets. This way you can move your teeth quickly, comfortably and with no attention on your appearance.



Dr. Partovi can correct virtually any case of crooked, protruding or misaligned teeth, restoring a beautiful and healthy smile you’re proud to show off. Please take a moment to view our before and after gallery, to see for yourself the dramatic results you can expect to achieve when you wear Hawley retainers with Dr. Partovi.


Are Damon braces painful?

Because Damon braces don’t require the tightening that is associated with traditional braces, the vast majority of our patients experience very minimal discomfort at most during treatment. The system’s unique slide mechanism allows Dr. Partovi to shift the teeth into their proper position using far less pressure and force, ensuring a much more comfortable experience.

How much do Damon braces cost?

At 360 Orthodontics, all of our treatments are completely customized. As such, the final cost of your Damon braces will depend on a variety of factors, including the severity of the dental issues being corrected and the expected treatment length. During your initial consultation, Dr. Partovi will be able to offer more specific guidance on your investment.


Meet Dr. Partovi

A graduate of the esteemed New York University College of Dentistry, Dr. Mahtab Partovi is a respected orthodontic specialist offering the full range of braces to her Los Angeles patients, including traditional metal, Invisalign, self-ligating and lingual. Having expertly corrected crooked teeth for thousands of individuals over the years, Dr. Partovi is among the most qualified orthodontists available to help you achieve the beautiful and healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

Beyond her impressive technical expertise and years of experience, Dr. Partovi is also known for her dedication to personalized care. She is always available to her patients – not only to guide you through your family’s braces journey, but also to make sure you’re thriving in all areas of your life. Whether you need college and career advice, a letter of recommendation, a physician referral or a great vegetarian recipe, Dr. Partovi is there for you because she genuinely cares about the overall wellbeing of her patients. In fact, it’s her compassionate nature and commitment to her patients that have earned her a reputation as one of the best orthodontists Los Angeles has to offer.