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Located in Los Angeles, braces removal specialist Dr. Partovi highly recommends a retainer. Once your braces are off or your Invisalign treatment has ended, a retainer is placed to help maintain your new smile. This is done to prevent the teeth from gradually shifting back to their previous positions. With a wide variety of clear, custom and permanent retainers available, Dr. Partovi will ensure your investment is protected and your beautiful new smile lasts a lifetime. She is fully committed to her patient’s ongoing results, not just for a year following treatment, but forever. Patients are scheduled for evaluation every six months so that any subtle shifts of position can be swiftly corrected.

Retainer timeline

Until the tissues and bone surrounding the teeth have had time to fully reorganize, the risk of relapse is great particularly in the first month. There are different types of retainers which are fitted to each patient according to personal preference and function.

Each patient will need to wear a retainer for at least the first six months following braces removal. Some patients will need to wear their retainer full time while others will be able to wear it only at night after the first week.

Another time variable concerns the type of issues the braces were designed to correct. Patients who had gaps between their teeth will likely need to wear their retainer longer than those who needed a simple alignment. As a general guide, patients will usually wear their retainer for the same amount of time that braces were worn.

Stabilization of teeth

Bone and tissue surrounding the teeth has the capacity to change throughout one’s life. That is why bones can heal after they are fractured. Bone and tissue rebuild and in cases where the teeth have been moved, the stabilization period can take one year or longer to complete.

Dr. Partovi will plan your stabilization program with the goal of maintaining the results achieved going forward for the rest of your life. For some patients, it may be recommended that they wear a retainer at night for the rest of their lives. The different types of retainers provide a number of options for stabilizing the teeth.

Types of retainers

Dr. Partovi is proud to offer her patients the full range of retainers available, ensuring you’re able to maintain your new smile in a way that fits your lifestyle and unique needs.

Clear retainers


Clear retainers are an excellent way to hold your teeth in place. Aesthetically, they look somewhat similar to the tray aligners used with Invisalign treatments and are virtually invisible. As such, they’re perfect for patients who want to protect their beautiful new smile as discreetly as possible.

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Hawley retainers


The most common type of retainer, Hawley retainers are removable appliances that consist of wires, clasps and a thick plastic body that covers the roof of your mouth. At 360 Orthodontics, our Hawley retainers can be customized in a variety of fun designs and colorful hues.

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Permanent retainers


As the name suggests, a permanent retainer is permanently placed in your mouth. It consists of a thin wire that is bonded to the inside surface of your teeth to protect your beautiful new smile, ensuring it remains straight and healthy for years to come.

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