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In the World of Orthodontics: The Damon System

Appearances are important to the outside world. Long hair on women, six-pack abs on men, and other characteristics society would deem as “handsome” or “gorgeous”. If you asked the public if they would want perfectly straight teeth, the majority would admit this. Teeth are important when it comes to cultural beauty, but they are also important when it comes to health. If you are one of those people interested in straight teeth and curious about various orthodontic devices for improved oral care, then perhaps you should take a look at The Damon System.

What is The Damon System?

The Damon System is a treatment where the braces are self-litigating. In other words, the braces’ brackets secure the wiring in place. These brackets may use clips or doors that “slide”. While The Damon System isn’t the first treatment with self-litigating braces, it is a great treatment option that has been utilized since the early 1990s.

Reasons come up as to why clients and orthodontists alike like to use The Damon System.

  • First, it is aesthetically pleasing. People like the way it looks once the orthodontist makes the changes because it is small in size.
  • Second, these braces are comfortable and smooth. If you are looking for braces that not only apply pressure to help the teeth straighten over time, but also feel comfortable enough to eat or brush teeth this may be the treatment for you.
  • Third, the results from this system are consistent. In other words, whether it is the orthodontist or his assistant, the same moments are made.

In the world of orthodontics, The Damon System is a great option for those interested in self-litigating braces. All it takes is a few adjustments and you are on your way to straight teeth. Contact 360 Orthodontics today to schedule your free consultation.