What To Do Once The Braces Are Off

When you’ve had a mouth full of metal for so long, it can feel liberating once you get your braces off. However, just because there aren’t any more brackets on your teeth doesn’t mean that you’re finished with your treatment. In fact, now is a crucial time for you, so don’t start taking your oral hygiene lightly. Here are some things to consider when your braces come off:

Ease Into New Eating Habits

While wearing your braces, there were a host of foods that you were to avoid at all costs. Crunchy and chewy foods are always prohibited, which means that you have probably developed an intense craving for them. Thus, it’s easy to assume that now that your teeth are free, you can binge on them, right?

Well, the fact is that the enamel underneath the brackets is going to be sensitive for a little while, so you will want to pace yourself. Rather than booking a meal at the crunchy and chewy foods warehouse right away, you will want to get back into them slowly while your teeth recover.

Use Your Retainer!

It can’t be stressed enough how important your retainer is after your braces are off. Until you get into maintenance mode and you only have to wear it at night, your retainer is going to ensure that your teeth don’t immediately revert to their original shape.

You will have many meetings with your orthodontist over the next few months, and it’s imperative that you follow all procedures for your retainer as closely as possible. Yes, it’s tempting to let your mouth be free for a while, but not following these recommendations will cost you in the long run.

Simply put, if you don’t wear it, you will probably have to wear braces again. We’re guessing that that doesn’t sound too appealing.

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