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Welcome to the 360 Orthodontics Blog!

Hello from the official 360 Orthodontics blog – each month we’ll post oral health and braces/Invisalign tips, company updates and announcements, as well as specials with you, so be sure to check us out each month to stay updated.

New to the 360 Orthodontics family? We want to welcome you! Dr. Mahtab Partovi, one of Los Angeles’ premier orthodontists, works endlessly to ensure all patients get a Hollywood smile with NO pain, in less time, and naturally (without veneers or teeth pulling).

Are you wondering how Dr. Partovi achieves this? The answer is simple:

The Partovi Method

  • What is the Partovi Method? The Partovi Method relies on customization. Patients can choose from a selection of custom braces or aligners and from there, Dr. Partovi uses supplementary devices, all depending on the needs of the specific patient. To give you a smile that you will really brag about, Dr. Partovi even offers a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your lifestyle—say hello to the smile you’ve always wanted!
  • How Does She Do It? After mastering the most effective orthodontic strategies, Dr. Partovi was able to successfully combine advanced supplementary technologies and propriety techniques to deliver patients dramatic results, faster.
  • What Does this Mean for You? The Partovi Method is a fast, painless, and a natural way to enhance your smile. Because of her holistic approach to orthodontics, Dr. Partovi’s techniques will not only work up to 60 percent faster than traditional methods, but will also yield results that last a lifetime. After all, who doesn’t want a picture perfect smile for life?

We’ll see you next time!