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Top 6 Tips For Using Invisalign Successfully

Invisalign provides straight teeth without the bulky restrictions of standard metal braces, allowing you to eat whatever you want, and not waste precious hours flossing your teeth around delicate brackets and bands. Invisalign offers an easy way to get straighter teeth, but just because it’s invisible and seemingly carefree doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tricks worth mentioning to make your Invisalign experience more efficient.

Here are our top 6 top tips for successfully using Invisalign…

1. Wash While You Eat

Chow time is the perfect time to wash your Invisalign trays! Simply soak them in warm water while you enjoy your meal and then reapply your freshly clean set. The warm water can actually help if you are having issues with your mouth feeling dry while wearing your Invisalign. If you frequently have dry mouth make sure to drink plenty of water, as a dry mouth equals ideal breeding grounds for bacteria.

2. Keep Trays Organized & Sterilized

As your teeth progressively straighten you will change out your Invisalign braces, at which point you might be tempted to carelessly toss aside your old trays. Before you do, there might come a time in your treatment process when you actually need these exact trays again. You will always be prepared if you sterilize and store your Invisalign trays in separate labeled plastic bags. Speaking of sterile, you want to prevent the spread of bacteria—no one wants cavities once their teeth are finally straight. So make sure that you brush your teeth after eating a meal before reapplying your Invisalign trays.

3. Take Some Selfies!

No joke, take pictures of yourself weekly, or even daily! After all, you need a way to document all of the changes taking place with your smile. Since you look at your teeth many times everyday it’s hard to notice differences that slowly take place, keep at it though, knowing that some patients don’t see a big difference until around tray 18. The first changes usually take place in your back teeth, so smile wide for your photos. If you start to feel discouraged by your progress you might stop wearing your Invisalign as often, this can lead to prolonged treatment requirements. By simply flipping through your documented photos, the differences will be obvious enough to keep you going until straight teeth are your reality.

4. Change Your Invisalign Trays On Time

You don’t want to start your new trays on Monday morning. For the most part Invisalign is incredibly comfortable, but new Invisalign trays are tight and can create pressure. Change out your trays on a Friday night, take some Tylenol or Advil, and call it a night; in most cases by the time you wake in the morning the pressure will be reduced. Side tip: If new trays are ever too tight and you are struggling to remove them, you can try using a tarter pick to pry beneath the back of each tray to loosen.

5. Wear Your Invisalign As Often As Possible

Time adds up quickly, real patients say that using a calendar to keep track of when they change their trays helps them graduate from Invisalign faster. If you guess when you last changed your Invisalign trays you might wear each set for too long, which does not help the process, it only prolongs it.

Another way time starts to add up is when you take your Invisalign out while you make dinner and eat dinner. The more time your trays remain in your mouth throughout the day and night, the faster your teeth will noticeably become straighter. Remember, if you are not eating or actively cleaning your teeth, you should be wearing your Invisalign.

6. No Such Thing As A Silly Question

If you have Invisalign, chances are you’ve never had it before, meaning unlimited questions will arise as you go through the process. Ask as many questions as you have, the more you know the better you can take care of your teeth and your Invisalign.  At 360 Orthodontics we are happy to answer any and all of your questions as you go through your Invisalign treatment; guaranteeing a smile you’ll be proud to show off.