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The Flute, And Other Wind Instruments With Braces

If you play the flute or any other wind instrument, getting braces will force you to make an adjustment. Fortunately, there is plenty of advice available for individuals who are looking to pursue their musical aspirations while wearing braces.

Go Back To Basics

With braces, you’ll need to figure out how to shape your mouth around your wind instrument. This can take a bit of practice, so going back to basics like octaves and other technical exercises can help you get a handle on the adjustment.

Don’t Be Afraid To Adjust

Just because you haven’t done it this way before, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it wrong. If you need to change the way your mouth interacts with the instrument, consider checking with your instructor or other professionals. Many people have worn braces at some point in their lives and there’s a good chance that someone in your circle of fellow wind musicians will be able to give you a few tips.

Protect Your Lips

Because the braces are metal and have plenty of sharp corners, you’ll need a way to protect yourself- especially as you get used to playing with braces. You can use a copious amount of dental wax or even bumpers to protect your lips from abrasions. The bumpers are particularly helpful for protecting your lower lip.

Toughen Up Your Mouth

You can use a salt rinse to toughen up the inside of your mouth. This will keep you from getting cuts and nicks as you practice.

Consider Invisalign

If you are professional or don’t want to risk missing practice, consider Invisalign instead of conventional braces. While you may still need to adjust to the Invisalign, it’s a much smaller change compared to conventional braces.

If you feel discouraged, remember that the discomfort is temporary and that a lifelong, healthy smile will be worth the effort.