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Summer Is a Great Time To Start Wearing Braces

School is out and summer is here! There is no better time than now to start your orthodontic treatment with 360 Orthodontics. Not quite sure yet? Here are few reasons why this summer is the best time to get them:

1. More time in to get used to braces.

Even though braces can potentially change your life forever, sometimes, you need to get used to it for a few weeks and get comfortable with having them on. The adjustments needed can take time to get used to and the more time you have, the more comfortable you will be when school starts.

2. Plenty of time to shop around and take your time in choosing the braces you want.

Summer is a time where you have plenty of time in your hands to relax and not to worry about school stuff and extracurricular activities. Getting braces during summer gets you a head start in taking care of your teeth.

3. More time to bond with your parents.

When its summer time, your parents will have plenty of time arranging appointments and plan for your oral care. They will not be hampered with so much activities since its summertime. This means you will have plenty of time to spend with each other and what better way to spend your time together than to get checkups and braces?

4. Less hassle with appointment schedules.

Summer is a great time for braces because you will have more time to adjust to your orthodontic office visits. You can easily fit it in your summertime schedule. It takes time to for orthodontists to take care of your braces as well so doing it during summer gives both the patient and the doctor time to set up a great oral care plan.

It is recommended that children as early as 7 years old should get their first orthodontic screening. With early detection, potential problems can be corrected and prevented. Don’t put off your checkup until next fall, do it this summer! Get settled in nicely with your braces over the summer and get ready for a brighter future ahead! Contact 360 Orthodontics today for a free consultation.