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How To Shorten Your Time In Braces, Meet AcceleDent

Have you ever wished it didn’t take so long to straighten your teeth with braces? Who doesn’t want to have straighter teeth in less time! The point of wearing braces is to remold your teeth and surrounding bones, but this process takes time, often as much as a few years. Oral researchers are continually working to uncover a faster way for patients to have straight teeth. AcceleDent is one of the latest techniques proven to shorten your time in braces, in some cases tooth movement can be accelerated by as much as 50%.

Learn more about AcceleDent and how it can benefit your orthodontics treatment here.

How Does AcceleDent Work?

For 20 minutes each day you will apply the AcceleDent over your existing orthodontics, allowing the SoftPulse Technology to work its magic. Over time, AcceleDent actually speeds up the movement of your teeth using fine-tuned calibrated micro-pulses. When your teeth move faster, you don’t have to wear your braces for as long, meaning AcceleDent can help you achieve straighter teeth in less time. Not only can you speed up your orthodontic care, but this tool is also known to help reduce some of the discomfort associated with wearing braces.

AcceleDent Benefits

-Less orthodontics appointments thanks to faster tooth movement

-Enhanced comfort while wearing orthodontics

-Quick and easy, can use it while you watch your favorite show each night for faster results while simply relaxing

-100% safe, no risks associated with achieving faster results

How Safe Is AcceleDent?

At 360 Orthodontics we use the latest dental techniques to enhance the success and happiness of our patients, which means we only use certified safe processes proven to work. AcceleDent is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and has been prescribed to patients by orthodontists since 2009.

More Commonly Asked Questions About AcceleDent

*Can you use AcceleDent while it is charging?

AcceleDent does require a charge in order to work, but you do not want to use it will it is plugged into the charger. AcceleDent needs to be charged once every 3 days.

*Do I have to wear AcceleDent for the full 20 minutes at one time?

It is recommended that you use AcceleDent one time for 20 minutes instead of multiple times throughout the day for shorter durations. But, if the door happens to ring in the middle of your 20-minute session you can turn AcceleDent off for up to 5 minutes. When you turn it back on it will remember how much longer you need to wear it for.

*Can I wear AcceleDent for more than 20 minutes a day?

For all of you overachievers out there, wearing Acceledent for more than 20 minutes each day is not going to provide any excess benefits.

*How do I clean AcceleDent?

After each use, you should disconnect the Mouthpiece from the Activator to wash and rinse with lukewarm water (not hot). Every few weeks you can also apply a gentle cleaning liquid, such as soap or toothpaste, and lightly scrub to remove any stubborn debris. Make sure your AcceleDent is completely dry before placing it back in its storage case.

360 Orthodontics Offers AcceleDent

At 360 Orthodontics we are proud to offer our patients with the option for AcceleDent. Call and schedule an appointment today to see how you can be in and out of braces in less time than ever before!