Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update #5 - 360 Orthodontics Introduces Virtual Monitoring Program For Patients - 360 Orthodontics

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update #5 – 360 Orthodontics Introduces Virtual Monitoring Program For Patients

As many are aware, there is an extended period of uncertainty with respect to how long it will be before we (or anyone) can open their doors again and resume operations.

During this time,  we are offering our patients an opportunity to allow the practice to monitor their treatment in a safe and organized manner.   Patients will be able to submit progress photos to us on a monthly basis (every 30 days) so that the Doctor can monitor treatment and provide additional instructions, if necessary.

How To Submit Photos:

Step One:  Watch Instructional Video Regarding How To Take Photos

Instructions for how to take progress photos are available on our YouTube channel:

You will be taking 5 photos.  Be sure to follow the instructions provided in the video.

Step Two:  Email Photos To The Practice

In the Subject line of the email write “Progress Photos For [first/last name of patient]”.

Don’t forget to attach the photos!

Email the photos to us at

Step Three:  No News Is Good News!

We will email you an acknowledgement that your photos were received.   If you don’t hear anything from us after that, it means that you should continue to maintain your oral hygiene and maintenance routines.   Only if the doctor determines that additional instructions are needed for your treatment, you will be contacted by the staff.

Step Four:  Submit More Photos In 30 Days

Patients may choose to submit additional photos every 30 days for monitoring.  Repeat Steps 1 through 3.


Email us at or call 310-998-7600 and leave a message.  We will return your email/call as soon as possible.  Please understand that replies are slower than usual due to limited staff and resources.


By submitting photos, patients and/or responsible parties understand and agree that this program is being offered to them on a voluntary basis only due the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Patients who participate in this program (by sending photos) understand and agree that they are emailing photos to us across the public internet and that we cannot guarantee the privacy and security of such submissions.