Patient Story – Damon System

Haley was brought into my office by her mother and father who had visited a few other orthodontists prior to coming to me. They had been informed that she would have to have several teeth pulled out and have an expander put in. Her mom informed me that Haley doesn’t like to smile due to her current dental situation. All this news of teeth pulling had definitely frightened Haley and she couldn’t help but feel very anxious when she came into our office.

I believe no child should be restrained from smiling and having beautiful, straight, and healthy teeth. So I evaluated her teeth and gums to compose a treatment plan to correct her smile without the use of any teeth pulling. I let Haley and her parents know that I would use the Damon braces and would NOT have to pull any teeth or make her wear any uncomfortable appliance.

Both parents and Haley were thrilled to hear this news and she got the Damon braces on that day!

To share with you some of the amazing results the Damon System braces can produce, I wanted to show you a picture of what we have been able to accomplish in only 6 weeks with Haley.

Mom reports that Haley is a new kid who smiles a lot more and has gained a new self-confidence.

Quote from her mom when we posted the pictures of Facebook:
“I want to take the time to Thank you. Not only does she smiles a lot more now. But I also see she picked up her self-esteem. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

This is what it’s all about for me and my staff here at 360 Orthodontics!