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Iveri Teeth Whitening System

As much as we don’t like to admit it, it is important to acknowledge the role that personal image plays in our professional lives. White teeth can project a more positive image to employers and coworkers, opening more doors than with a less than perfect smile. Having white teeth is also important for personal reasons, and having a great smile can boost self-confidence.  There are many different methods for whitening teeth, but none are as quick or as efficient as the Iveri teeth whitening system.

The Iveri system works in just one or two sessions of just 20 minutes each. Even though the Iveri whitening system drastically cuts the time it takes to whiten your teeth, the results are just as good as— if not better than— other teeth whitening methods that take hours and even weeks to complete; after just one of the sessions, you will see a notable difference in the color of your teeth. Most people see their teeth brighten by two to eight shades after just one whitening session.

The process involves a concentrated version of Carbamide Peroxide, a common teeth whitening agent, in gel form. The dental professional administers the gel in a tray and applies LED lights to activate the ingredients in the gel. The light technology also does not produce heat, which adds to your comfort during the whitening process. Better yet, the Iveri system is designed for people with sensitive teeth, so you don’t have to worry about a painful period after your whitening experience. The reason for this is the Xylitol in the gel, which helps keep your teeth from drying out during the whitening process.

Over the years, the Iveri teeth whitening system has continued to gain the support of dental professionals across the country, and more and more people are turning to it for its convenience and effectiveness. Your dental hygienist can provide you with more information about the Iveri teeth whitening system and how it will affect you. Contact 360 Orthodontics today for more information on the Iveri whitening system, or to schedule an appointment.