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If you’re looking for a great smile, but are worried about less-than-perfect results, iTero is the right solution for you. It is a digital scanner that helps dentists scan the patient’s teeth, allowing them to make fine adjustments. iTero is a 3D scanning method that shows the complete structure of the patient’s teeth on a monitor so that the dentist can know precisely where he needs to work.

iTero consists of a small handheld scanner (or wand) that is used to scan the teeth at every possible angle. The dentist can use it to scan either the entire oral structure or just one tooth in fine detail. Once the scanning is complete, the images are displayed on the iTero monitor, and the dentist can see a 3D model of the teeth. This image can then be used to create dental devices such as tooth implants, crowns, bridges, and invisalign molds. It is a hardware platform for orthodontic, restorative, and implant procedures. The 3D model files and case data obtained by scanning can also be imported/exported for case planning and simulation purposes.

The iTero Advantage

Higher acceptance rate: With iTero, there have been ten times fewer rejections because of the high quality scans.

Better fit: With the precision fit offered by iTero, there has been a reduction in the number of cases with fit issues.

Better treatment: With iTero, there is potentially less gagging and mess, and thus a better customer experience.

Simulator experience: With the iTero technology, the dentist can show the patients how their teeth will look after the treatment.

The iTero Process

The process is convenient, fast, and pain-free. Here is how it goes:

  • The hygienist will use the iTero wand to digitally scan your mouth.
  • iTero software will collect all the images and piece them together.
  • With the help of the images, the software will create a 3D map of your oral anatomy, which will include your teeth, tongue, gums, and soft tissue.
  • This 3D map will be used to plan any future procedures and to create a simulation of the outcome of those procedures.

A Breakthrough in Technology

Capturing an impression of the oral cavity using traditional methods could be uncomfortable as well as time-consuming. It is traditionally done by using large metal trays with liquid plaster. If not done properly there are sometimes issues like gagging and accidental swallowing of plaster. However, with iTero, there are no such concerns. The iTero scanner enters the mouth easily and takes digital images. There is no need for liquid plaster, and the patient can see how their teeth will look after the treatment. This technology is not just more convenient but also more accurate. It is safe and allows the dentist to analyze the gum and tooth tissues. It does not emit any kind of radioactive waves that might be harmful for the human body.

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