Is Invisalign Teen Right For Your Child?

Is Invisalign Teen Right For Your Child?

These days’ kids are busier than ever; there’s school, homework, friends, sports… it seems the list of to-dos goes on and on. While kids tend to have jam-packed planners, they are still kids; and keeping up with every last thing on their list is not always going to happen. Often, kids end up wearing braces for way longer than originally planed simply because their life interferes with their mouth gear. Many of the problems traditional braces create have been solved with Invisalign Teen—but is Invisalign the right option for your child?

How Invisalign Teen Works

Invisalign is really a set of 2 clear custom made molds that fit over your top and bottom teeth. Made just for your mouth, they will slide easily into place while providing comfortable straightening power 20-22 hours a day. When your child eats and cleans their teeth they can easily remove liners and replace them after. About once every 2 weeks your child will exchange Invisalign trays for a new next set of Invisalign trays, all in the comfort of your home. Since Invisalign braces never have to be manually tightened, visits to your local Los Angeles Orthodontist are reduced to around once every 6-weeks, depending on your personalized plan.

Teens often worry that Invisalign will impact their speech, or be obvious in some other way, although since the liners fit so securely against teeth, teens hardly know they are there.

Pros to Invisalign Teen For Your Child—And You!

 Teens have enough things going on without having to worry about wearing braces; Invisalign gives your child the chance to straighten their teeth without any hassle.

Less Pain, Less Complaining With Invisalign

Nothing is worse than hearing your child complain about being in pain, although traditional braces are known for being uncomfortable at times. With Invisalign your teen will not experience the same level of pain or discomfort commonly associated with metal braces.

Stop Stressing About Food

Dietary restrictions are hard at all ages, but when you are a kid it becomes even harder to refrain from eating your favorite foods, even if they pose a risk to your braces. Almost every kid messes up at least once while wearing braces, eating a taboo food that causes braces to need an adjustment. Since Invisalign can easily be taken in and out while eating, your teen can eat what they want without impacting the effectiveness of Invisalign.

No More Teeth Stains

If oral hygiene habits are not perfected, your teen’s braces might be removed only to reveal stains or white spots. Many parents end up having to play watchdog when it comes to brushing and flossing, cleaning teeth with braces isn’t easy! Since your teen can take out their Invisalign, this makes it SO much easier because they don’t have to maneuver around braces to brush and floss.

Picture Perfect Teeth

With teens there is always some photo event on the horizon, such as Prom or school pictures. None of these important photo opportunities will be an issue with Invisalign because teeth look completely bare in photos, just as they do in real life.

Reduce Chances Of Sports Injury

Kids are active; they play sports and are not afraid to fall. This can make braces dangerous, and a source of worry for some parents. If your child is hit near the mouth, their braces can break, or worse injure your child by poking into their gums. Invisalign presents no extra risk factors when worn during sports.

 Are There Any Drawbacks to Invisalign Teen?

Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign is worn at the discretion of your child—since they can take it in and out as the please you will want to make sure your child wears them for at least 20-22 hours each day. If your child is the type to lose or forget to wear their Invisalign, this might create challenges and delay the process.

Is Invisalign Teen Right For Your Child?

Teens are insecure enough as it is, and big metal braces don’t help with this one bit. Not only does Invisalign promote greater confidence, but it also reduces the hassles and discomforts commonly associated with traditional metal braces. As a premier Los Angeles Orthodontist, you can trust 360 Orthodontics to provide the best plan of action for straighter teeth in less time—your teen is going to LOVE their new smile, and so will you!