If I Have Crowns and/or Missing Teeth Can I Still Get Braces?

Do you have crowns and/or missing teeth, and are wondering if braces are still an option for you to align and straighten your teeth? Even if you have crowns and/or some missing teeth, the professionals here at 360 Orthodontics can help you achieve the smile of your dreams!


Teeth that have been crowned can still be fitted for braces, just like any tooth with a filing in it. If you have crowns on your teeth, that is no reason not to think about getting braces! The experienced orthodontists in Westwood at 360 Orthodontics have treated many patients with large filings, bridge-works and crowns. We are ready to tailor a solution for your specific needs – one that won’t damage or interfere with any previous dental or orthodontic work you’ve had done.


Many people have missing teeth, either from illness or injury, or simply because when they lost baby teeth, certain adult teeth did not develop to replace the baby tooth. When teeth are missing, the surrounding or adjacent teeth can drift into the empty space in your mouth, causing sometimes significant dental issues. Braces are a great option for people with missing teeth, as orthodontists can build brace systems that will align and straighten your remaining teeth, improving your dental health and smile!


Braces have many dental health benefits that go beyond beautiful straight teeth, including improved oral health, jaw comfort, fit and alignment. Misaligned teeth can make you self-conscious about your appearance, but there is a solution – traditional metal braces, ceramic or plastic natural looking braces or almost invisible solutions.


Braces can also be put on teeth that have had a root canal – so no matter what your dental history, call us today to see if braces are a good option for you!