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How To Safely And Effectively Clean Your Retainers

Retainers are necessary to keep your teeth straight and aligned. But do you know how to keep your retainers clean? You need to clean your retainers because, just like braces, the wires, keeping it together attract food and plaque. When you don’t clean them in an effective and safe way, this damaging plaque can stain teeth, lead to tooth decay and other oral health problems.

At 360 Orthodontics we recommend that you clean your retainers after eating or having a meal or a snack to avoid build up of harmful bacteria that will eventually get into your teeth and gums.

Things To Do

Here are some tips on how to take better care of your retainers:

  • Keep your retainers moist. Keeping them moist would avoid the bonding of tartar and the biofilm in your retainers.


  • Always have them soaked in distilled water. Your retainers should either be in your mouth or soaked in distilled water. Add in some baking soda to keep it clean and safe from harmful chemicals which can be transmitted to your mouth.


  • Use denture cleaners or alcohol-free mouthwash to clean your retainers. If you want your retainers to be tartar-free and germ-free, use a denture cleaner or an alcohol-free mouthwash to soak your retainers in. Leave it there for 15 minutes or so before gently rinsing and putting it back in your mouth. Avoid using toothbrush to brush your retainers for it may cause scratches where bacteria might thrive.


  • Still have it cleaned by your dentist. Aside from cleaning it at home, you should still have it checked by your dentist whenever you visit him so he can properly disinfect and check your retainers for damages.


Things Not To Do

Aside from knowing what to do in cleaning your retainers, it is also good to know what to avoid:

  • Do not use toothpaste to brush your retainers.


  • Do not use vinegar to clean your retainers.


  • Do not expose your retainers to too much heat.


  • Do not put your retainers in places where it can be accessible to children and pets.


  • Do not soak your retainers in hot water or leave them near hot places like heating vents or stoves.


  • Do not bend or twist the wires when cleaning them.


The right and safe ways in cleaning retainers are best advised by the doctor’s recommendations. Visit 360 Orthodontics today and get all the advice and facts you need to better care for your retainers and other necessary oral care instructions.