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Get Your Braces Off Sooner – Damon Brackets

Many people are interested in getting braces to straighten their teeth, but are reluctant to get them due to the time it can take and because of a fear of the pain and discomfort often associated with traditional metal braces and brace systems. Does this sound like you? If so, call us today to find out about the Damon system of braces and Damon brackets!


These modern braces are not your mother’s braces! They use sliding technology to gently align and straighten teeth, with less pain and discomfort and in less time than traditional metal braces! Because these braces use self-litigating technology, they create less friction on your teeth and gums, which causes less inflammation and less pain, and because they don’t have wires that need to be tightened weekly or bi-weekly, you can go longer between orthodontic appointments, saving you time. Additionally, many dental professionals find the wires of the Damon brackets easier and quicker to adjust than traditional metal braces, meaning when you do have to come into our office for a visit, the visit is shorter, getting you on your way quicker than ever before.


What makes the Damon braces so unique is the Damon brackets. Traditional braces brackets are cemented to your teeth with dental cement, but the Damon brackets float along the surface of your teeth, gently sliding them into alignment, and resulting in beautiful, straight smiles. Damon brackets allow dental professionals to take away elastic hooks at any time, which can make it easier for you to brush your teeth and care for them.


Over 4.5 million Damon braces systems have been sold, resulting in literally millions of new and improved smiles. If you are interested in the Damon Bracket system of braces, call us today for a free consultation and evaluation! Here at 360 Orthodontics Dr. Partovi has hundreds of happy Damon bracket customers, and we would love to tell you all about this innovative and effective advance in dental technology.