Frequent Question: "Is your pricing too good to be true?" - 360 Orthodontics

Frequent Question: “Is your pricing too good to be true?”

We get asked this question so much! “Is your pricing too good to be true!?”

The answer is simple: No it isn’t!

The best way to know, aside from coming in for your own consultation, is to read our many 5-star Yelp! reviews. Here are some quote snippets from some of our Yelp! reviews:

“They are quick and AMAZINGLY affordable.”

“…affordable payment plan and I’m happy”

“The prices are beyond affordable for anyone who needs ortho treatment”

“For the price of $1999, I get my braces, all visits, and clear retainer covered.”

As you can see from just a few of the above examples, we are affordable AND provide a great experience to our patients! 🙂

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Oh! Here is a link to our Yelp! page: 360 Orthodontics On Yelp!