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Express Yourself with Mouth accessories – Grills

It can be fun to experiment with different types of mouth accessories—anything from grills to piercings, and everything in between. However, these types of oral accessories can also damage your mouth and lead to oral health problems. There are several different problems that can arise with such accessories. One of the most common problems associated with mouth accessories are infections and swelling. Your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria, and foreign objects in your mouth can attract bacteria and keep it trapped. It is important that you keep your mouth clean and inform your dentist of any irritation that your mouth accessories may be causing. Because grills completely cover your teeth, you may see a build-up of plaque, and maybe even tooth decay. It is important to contact your dentist if you experience any irritation or notice any negative changes in your oral health.

It can be tempting to play with a tongue or lip piercing—after all, it’s new and not something that people are typically used to having in their mouths. However, constantly playing with your piercing can cause damage to your gums and teeth. Because tongue piercings are metal, it is easy to weaken your teeth or to even damage a filling by playing with the piercing and moving it around. One way to minimize the damage to your mouth is to make a conscious effort to not play with the piercing as much; this will reduce the number of hits that your teeth and gums take, greatly reducing the damage. You can also take proactive steps if you know you are going to be doing any form of physical activity, such as playing sports; you can temporarily remove your piercing, or you can wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth and gums.

These risks should not stop you from expressing yourself with mouth accessories and other alterations. You should, however, learn to recognize the signs of a more serious health issue. It is possible to maintain good oral health even while you have piercings, grills, or other mouth accessories. Your dental hygienist can help you navigate these issues and can give you more information on the risks of having such accessories.