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Do I Have To Wear A Retainer


After spending time and money on orthodontic treatments, most people expect the fix to be permanent and do not take the idea of wearing their retainer seriously. However, the risk of your teeth reverting back to their original positions is real, and your teeth are especially susceptible to movement immediately following the removal of your braces. The fact is, your retainer is designed to keep your teeth in their new positions and to help them set and stabilize, reducing the risk of them shifting years later. If you do not want your teeth to go back to how they were before you began the alignment process (and if you don’t want to waste the resources spent to fix your teeth), then it is important to consistently wear your retainer.

The general rule of thumb for how long you should wear your retainer is that you should do so for the same duration as you had your braces on for. Your mouth will continue to shift and change throughout your lifetime, much as the rest of your body grows, compresses, and generally changes over the course of your life. These subtle changes can impact your jaw, including your teeth and jaw alignment. Wearing a retainer for a long period of time—even nightly for the rest of your life—will ensure that your teeth remain aligned throughout all of these changes.

360Orthodontics Can Replace Your Retainer

Retainers do not last forever, and even those made out of the best materials available will need to be replaced several times. If you would like to keep wearing your retainer and have moved or your orthodontist is no longer practicing we can help. Here at 360 Orthodontics we are able to make retainer replacements even if we did not complete your treatment.  If you have questions about retainers, or if you are seeking to replace an old retainer, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.