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Design Your Own Braces With Color Bands

When people say “rubber bands” in relation to braces, there are two types of dental and orthodontic elastic rubber bands that they may be talking about: ligatures and inner-arch elastics. Ligatures are the tiny elastics that fit around each brace bracket and hold the your brace wires in place on the bracket. They help to move your teeth, to align and straighten your smile. Inner-arch bands, often called rubber bands, are larger than ligatures and are used to help correct the alignment of your jaw and bite in order to reduce either an overbite or an underbite.

Rubber bands are an important part of many orthodontic procedures, as they work in conjunction with metal braces to straighten your teeth and align your jaw and bite. Rubber bands help to align your upper and lower jaws, which can help reduce any discomfort you’re having, including jaw pain or headaches.

Rubber bands should be worn for as much of the day as you can, unless instructed differently by our office – this means up to 24 hours a day. Consistent rubber band wear is critical to your dental improvement, and we make it easy to wear your rubber bands by offering different sizes and colors suited for your individual dental needs and your fashion sense.

When you’re wearing rubber brands and braces, we recommend changing them after you brush and floss your teeth and before you go to bed. Rubber bands lose their prime elasticity after about 6 hours of wear, which is why it’s important that you change them several times a day. If you ever start to run short on rubber bands, just call our office as we have plenty of bands in all sorts of colors in stock.

Rubber bands come in a variety of colors today – no longer are you given boring neutral colored bands as the only option for your braces. Whatever your favorite color is – we’ve got a rubber band to match! Have a favorite sports team, or school mascot color combo you would like to wear with pride? Call 360 Orthodontics today to hear about all the great color combos we have available for braces!