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Damon Braces vs. Invisalign

There are many different options on the market today for those looking at braces to improve a crooked or otherwise imperfect smile. Whatever you dental needs may be, and whatever your budget, 360 Orthodontics has an orthodontic solution for you!


What’s the difference between the Damon system & Invisalign?

Both the Damon system and Invisalign are two relatively new orthodontic systems which are extremely popular, and which are available in our office.  Both Damon and Invisalign will straighten your teeth, although they will do so in different ways: Invisalign’s plastic tray system versus the Damon self-litigating bracket and wire system. Although they both straighten teeth successfully, there are some factors you should consider when considering which system to go with.


Invisalign is a clear, removable braces system so you do not need to worry at all about any sticky foods you may eat, and you also don’t need to worry as much about orthodontic upkeep, as you can simply remove the Invisalign brace trays and clean and floss your teeth as you normally would. They main downside of Invisalign is because they are removable, many people end up forgetting to put them in some days, or opt to not wear them when they should, which can result in extended treatment times.


The main advantage of more traditional brace systems, including the Damon system are that your orthodontist places them on your teeth, ensuring that you cannot forget or neglect to wear them. Additionally, sometimes the Damon system can give you more control over your final end smile results as they give the orthodontists more control over small changes in your tooth placement or movements, which can add up to big changes in your smile. The obvious cons of any traditional metal brace system compared to Invisalign is that it will be more visible, and proper cleaning can be a bit more challenging and require more attention.


We are proud to carry both brace systems here at 360 Orthodontics, because we understand that one system does not fit all. We’ll be happy to discuss your dental and orthodontic options with you, taking into account what you’re looking to accomplish as well as your lifestyle and budget. Call us today to set up a free consultation and start working towards a beautiful, healthy smile!