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Common Bite Problems Orthodontics Can Fix

Many people experience pain and discomfort due to problems with their bite. The misalignment of either the teeth or upper and lower jaws can cause discomfort and pain, speech difficulty and premature wear on your teeth. Orthodontic treatments are often needed to correct bite problems. At 360 Orthodontics, we see bite problems every day, and we have had thousands of successful treatments of patient bite problems.

Some of the most common types of bite problems include:

  • Crowding. Crowding is just like it sounds, and occurs when you have too many teeth in too tight of a space. Pain and abnormal wear on teeth can occur when your teeth do not have sufficient room in your mouth. Crowding can be corrected via the removal of teeth, but we also have several options available that do not require the removal of your teeth.


  • Underbite. In an underbite, when you close your jaws together, your lower jaw extends out past your upper jaw, causing your lower front teeth to sit out in front of your upper front teeth.


  • Spacing Problems. Spacing can be caused by missing teeth (either teeth that have been lost due to injury or illness, or adult teeth that never developed), or by improper spacing between teeth. Spacing can sometimes be a simple cosmetic fix, however, large or significant spacing issues can sometimes cause severe dental problems and should be addressed immediately.


  • Overbite. In an overbite, when you close your jaws together, your upper jaw extends out past your lower jaw, which can sometimes (depending on the severity of the overbite) cause your lower front teeth to hit against the roof of your mouth.


  • Midlines. Alignment not matching occurs when your back bite does not line up and match correctly. This misalignment can impact both your jaw and your teeth, causing discomfort, trouble chewing properly and other dental issues.


If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your teeth, frequent headaches or aches in your jaws, or if you have a crooked smile you would like perfected, call us today! Dr. Partovi has extensive experience correcting common bite problems and we look forward to helping you achieve your happiest, healthiest smile.