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Avoiding Delays In Orthodontic Treatment

The first question many orthodontic patients ask is: how long will I have to wear these braces for? Adults typically wear braces between 12 and 20 months, while kids typically wear braces closer to 2 years. Adults often wear their braces for less time because they are more diligent about wearing their rubber bands and respecting the other rules that come with braces. We have all known the friend or classmate who wore braces for 4 years, or some wild amount of time; luckily this doesn’t have to be the case for you. Stay on track and avoid orthodontic treatment delays by regarding the following tips and guidelines.

Wear Your Elastics

At some point or another almost everyone has to wear orthodontic rubber bands with braces, it’s just a part of the teeth-straightening process. Still, some decide that skipping out on their elastics is an okay idea. On the contrary, these little rubber bands actually play a big role in straightening teeth. Without them, your bite cannot properly align which will increase the overall time you must wear braces. Just think, the more you wear your rubber bands the sooner your braces can come off.

Protect Your Braces

Since braces are molded onto your teeth you want to be very careful about what you eat. Many foods can damage braces, loosen brackets and bands, or even snap wires, causing a setback in your orthodontic treatment. In some instances, one doesn’t even notice that something has come loose, and once they do an appointment must be made to have it fixed. This process takes time, in fact the average orthodontist sees about a 1-month setback for patients every time a wire or other part of braces are harmed. So what foods cause braces to break? Think sticky foods like gum, Starbursts, or caramels, as well as hard foods like taco shells, apples, ice, and hard/thick breads (pizza crust, bagel). Food can be tempting but what’s more appealing, getting your braces off sooner or that French bread roll?

Food is not the only thing that can injure braces in need of repair. If you are actively involved in sports it’s important to wear a mouth guard whenever you play. Having braces means giving everything you do just a little extra thought, keeping your mouth safe from harm will help speed up your orthodontic treatment. No Los Angeles orthodontist patient wants to wear braces for longer than originally planned. To decrease setbacks, schedule an appointment immediately if your braces are damaged in any way.

Don’t Postpone Scheduled Adjustments

Braces work because they are tightened and adjusted at certain time intervals. In order to get your braces off on time, don’t cancel appointments or stretch out your adjustments. Your adjustments are scheduled based on your teeth, in order to stay on track and have your braces removed without delay braces must be tightened and adjusted as necessary. Canceling or postponing adjustment appointments can offset the time it takes for teeth to properly straighten and align.

At 360 Orthodontics, Dr. Partovi works hard to get Los Angeles orthodontist patients in and out of braces without delays. It’s never too late to discover the power of beautiful straight teeth, call and schedule an appointment today.