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Advantages To Wearing Permanent Retainers Vs. Removable Retainers

Hooray, the braces are finally off and your smile is looking fabulous! And then, you find out that you have to wear a retainer. For those that roll their eyes and forget to wear their removable retainer as specified, their teeth will start shifting back into crooked position. Wearing a retainer 24/7 for at least one-year post-braces is often recommended; this is known as the retention period while your teeth are learning to stay in place. To keep your teeth straight you must wear your retainer as specified by your Orthodontist in Westwood, otherwise teeth are prone to shifting, especially the bottom 6 teeth at the very front of your mouth. In short, you can’t avoid wearing your retainer without consequences; thankfully the simple solution might be a permanent retainer.

Removable Vs. Permanent Retainer

 A removable retainer can be taken in and out of your mouth, it is easy to insert and has a metal bar that spans across the front side of teeth. Many instantly assume they prefer the removable option considering it grants them freedom to wear it when they want. It’s also easier to clean a retainer you can take in and out of your mouth. On the contrary, a removable retainer is far from invisible, and some people find them bulky and uncomfortable. Plus, after wearing braces for such a long time, you are understandably tired of having extra gear in your mouth. The flexibility of a removable retainer seems tempting, but in reality the majority of people end up failing to wear them enough. As a premier Los Angeles Orthodontist we ask our clients to give permanent retainers a try.

Permanent retainers are proven far more effective, and they are also better looking. Instead of spanning across the front of your teeth, a permanent retainer is practically invisible; a small metal bar is either fixed or bonded to the backside of teeth. When properly inserted permanent retainers are comfortable to wear and easy to forget about, keeping your teeth straight without any extra effort.

Perks to a Permanent Retainer

Does wearing a retainer sound horrible to you? If so, you might be an excellent candidate for a permanent retainer. Let’s be real, if you are already dreading wearing a retainer it’s going to be an uphill battle, with a permanent retainer you won’t have to worry about washing your retainer or even bringing it along on a trip, instead it will always just be in your mouth, out of sight and out of mind.

It happens time and time again. One goes to a restaurant, takes out their retainer and then forgets all about it, leaving it behind—or perhaps even worse—accidentally tossing it out in the trash. This can cause a real panic, one that can be completely avoided with a permanent retainer. Enjoy every meal without having to worry about taking your retainers out or finding a place to stash them.

Over time, those that slack off when it comes to wearing their retainers will start to see their teeth going crooked. Especially when wisdom teeth start coming in between 16-25 years old, a push can occur as new teeth fight for space and ultimately shove older teeth out of alignment. For some, wisdom teeth arrive years after their braces have been removed—at a time when wearing a removable retainer is likely the last thing on their mind. A permanent retainer can be worn until after wisdom teeth are finished developing, preventing these unsightly shifts. Some wear their retainer for many years, and others have them removed much sooner; for instance, adults typically need to wear retainers longer than children do. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about taking a bulky retainer in and out of your mouth for many years to come, instead have a permanent retainer comfortably and seamlessly implanted for as long as need be.

Making The Most Of Your Permanent Retainer

As wonderful as permanent retainers can be, nothing is without potential problems. Since they remain unseen it is often unnoticed if these retainers loosen, break, or move out of place, leaving teeth vulnerable to shifting. It can also be difficult to clean behind the retainer bars, but you must carefully do so to prevent tooth decay from building up. Make sure to visit your Orthodontist regularly to ensure the effectiveness of your permanent retainer and the cleanliness of your teeth.

At 360 Orthodontics, we understand the lure of removable retainers, but we know first-hand the amazing difference permanent retainers can make. Call and make an appointment today to see if a permanent retainer is right for you.