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4 Tips to Prepare Kids For Braces

Getting braces is a major event in most children’s lives, and there are both positive and negative stigmas surrounding braces. Regardless of your child’s view, it is important to be prepared if and when your child does get races:

1. One of the most important things you should do is to make sure your child understands the importance of oral hygiene, particular during the time they have braces. Braces take up a lot of space, and they also trap food and bacteria, making it more likely that the wearer may experience plaque build-up and/or tooth decay. Building good habits early can make the transition to braces smoother and the cleaning regimen easier.

2. A lot of children are hesitant about getting braces, mainly because they are concerned about how their peers will see them. While this is not true for all children, it is common enough that a talk with your child about what the braces will do for them is important. Reminding them that they can personalize their braces with different colored bands—and that they will have a beautiful smile at the end of the process—may help them more readily accept braces.

3. Along the lines of preparing your child socially, it also won’t hurt to make sure they understand the process of getting braces and the preparation that goes into getting them. This includes getting molds taken of his or her mouth, getting x-rays, and ultimately getting the braces put on.

4. Make sure that he or she knows what kinds of food will damage their braces. This will make their trips to the orthodontist fewer, and it will also make sure that the braces are doing their job properly between visits to the orthodontist.

These are just some of the things that you can discuss with your child prior to getting braces. Dr. Partovi at 360 Othodontics is a great resource and can provide you with any information you may need about getting and maintaining braces. We love working with kids and teens and can give you more information about what will be done and can talk with you and your child about what steps will be taken in preparation. Call us today for a free consultation.