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360 Orthodontics Offers WildSmiles Braces

Your smile should be as individual as you are, and today more than ever, you can express yourself through your braces! In the past, braces were seen as something to hide, today though, with advances like the WildSmiles brace system, you can proudly show off your uniqueness and your style while straightening and aligning your teeth!

What is the WildSmiles braces system and what makes it unique?

Before WildSmiles, options in braces were very limited, especially if you had traditional metal braces. Plain, square brackets and neutral colored elastics were pretty much your only option, but thanks to advances in dental and orthodontic technology, that’s all about to change with WildSmiles. What makes the WildSmiles braces unique is the array of personalized choices available for both brackets and elastics. WildSmiles offers brackets of different shapes, from the traditional square to round or diamond shaped, and also offers brackets with sparkling jeweled inserts! Be proud to show off your smile, decorated with a little bit of bling.

WildSmiles also offers elastics in nearly every color of the rainbow. Match your elastics to your favorite color, your school colors or the colors of your favorite sports team. You are no longer forced to limited design options when it comes to elastic rubber band colors. The choice of whether you go just a little wild or a lot wild is totally up to you! Best of all, you can change your mind at any time, and come in for a change of colors or styles.

At 360 Orthodontics we are proud to offer the WildSmiles system of braces, which are popular with both kids and adults – but especially teens who are looking to show off their individuality while wearing braces. If you, or your child, is interested in WildSmiles, please give us a call today for a free consultation.