360 Orthodontics Offers Gold Braces


Gold braces create quite a fashion statement, but if you suffer from metal allergies, they are also a fantastic option to get you the beautiful smile you are looking for. Although traditional metal braces are the most common type of braces, gold braces are a great alternative for those looking to either stand out, or for those people who are allergic to the metal used in traditional metal braces. Gold braces are actually a stainless steel core, which is then coated in gold.

Do gold braces cost a lot more than traditional metal braces?

Gold braces can cost more than traditional metal braces, but generally are a comparable cost to clear or invisible brace options. If you are concerned about the cost of gold braces, but are interested in them, please call us today. At 360Orthodontics, we will work with any insurance plans you have, and can also talk to you about financing options that may be available to you.

Historically, some of the earliest dental brace systems were made of gold, or a mix of solid gold and silver. Gold has always been a popular choice for dental and orthodontic procedures because gold is a softer metal and easy to shape around a tooth. Today, dental professionals use stainless steel as a base coated in gold vs. using solid gold because the cost of gold has risen dramatically over the past several decades. Additionally, because gold is such a soft metal, braces made from solid gold can shift more than those with a stainless steel base. A stainless steel base actually work much better than solid gold braces because fewer adjustments are needed.

If you are looking for the ultimate fashion statement while getting a beautifully straight and gorgeous smile – call 360 Orthodontics today for a free consultation! Nothing says luxury like gold, and gold braces let you straighten and align your teeth in luxury!