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3 Reason Spacers Are Useful In Child Orthodontics

If your child has normal teeth, they will most likely fit perfectly with each other. However, if they have an abnormal bite, they’ll need braces. Before the orthodontist places braces on the teeth, they will use spacers to create some space between the teeth where the bands could be inserted. There are basically two types of spacers – plastic modules and small springs. In just a couple of days, these spacers create the desired space and the bands are ready to be installed.

There are many advantages of spacers when it comes to child orthodontics. Here are the three main benefits:

Creating space between crowded teeth: If your child’s mouth is crowded with teeth, the orthodontist might feel that she needs a little space for the new teeth to come in. In such a case, they can use spacers to achieve the desired result. The spacer will help create space so that the tooth can come in at the right place. Spacers are usually made of rubber, but they can also be made of metal. When the orthodontist places spacers on your child’s teeth, teach your kid not to pick at them, else they will fall out. There might be a little soreness after spacers are applied. Don’t worry though – these are natural symptoms and will go away soon.

Making it easier to apply braces: With the help of spacers, the orthodontist will create space between the desired teeth so that the metal bracket can be applied correctly. The spacers or separators are usually placed a few days prior to the installation of brackets. Once the right space has been created, they will fall out automatically. Ask your kids not to take the spacers out, but if they fall out on their own, it’s perfectly fine – it just means that the right space has been created. If your child pulls them out prematurely, it will result in pain during the installation of the brackets.

Keeping space for the new tooth: Kids sometimes lose a tooth before the adult tooth has set in. In such cases, the other teeth can cover the space and as a result, the adult tooth can come in crooked. You can consult your orthodontist, and if they feel that the child needs a spacer, you can get it fitted. A spacer will keep adequate gap between the teeth, and the new adult tooth will come at the right spot. Without the spacer, the new tooth would come in between the crowded teeth and make the mouth even more crowded. This would lead to the need the application of braces in the future. To make sure that your child has perfectly spaced teeth from the beginning, you can consult your orthodontist about spacers for children.

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