Our Office | 360 Orthodontics | Dr. Partovi

Dr. Partovi believes in respecting the environment we live and work in, meeting the needs of today without compromising our world for future generations. That’s why the 360 Orthodontics office was built to be a green and eco-friendly space focused on providing our patients with sustainable care.

We use only bio-friendly cleaning and sterilizing methods over toxic chemicals and are mindful of water usage in our suction systems. When hygienically safe, we use cloth barriers and other materials that can be reused. This helps to keep tons of waste out of the Los Angeles landfills. A Los Angeles orthodontist does not routinely handle products containing mercury however as braces are composed of metal alloys, we are careful in disposing of all waste that can potentially leak into the Los Angeles groundwater table.

A very important part of our commitment to having a green office for our young patients is to only use digital X-ray technology. This significantly reduces toxic waste created by film X-rays and maintains a toxin free environment for our patients and staff. Our highly advanced digital X-ray system allows Dr. Partovi to formulate the exact right plan for placement of Invisalign and braces without adding to the estimated 48 million lead foils from film X-rays that end up in the environment.

At 360 Orthodontics we are proud of the eco-friendly environment we have created and are committed to continuing to lessen our impact on the environment as we continue to serve our Los Angeles patients and their families.

As such, everything in the office – including the equipment, building materials, supplies and procedures – were chosen based on their sustainability, eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. Every decision we make is with the intention of enhancing our patients’ overall experience, while using the smallest amount of resources, chemicals and energy possible.

We’re a paperless office


At 360 Orthodontics, we strive to use as little paper as possible. As such, the vast majority of our brochures, marketing materials and patient resources are digital for that precise purpose.

We use digital x-rays


In addition to being more convenient for the patient, digital x-rays are easier on the environment. Unlike traditional x-rays, they don’t require chemicals to develop the images or paper to print the images.

Recycled materials


When we do use paper for business cards, printer paper and paper cups, all of our products are made of recycled or biodegradable materials.

Steam sterilization


To protect the environment and our patients from harsh chemicals, we use pressurized steam to clean and disinfect our office equipment.

Convenient Hours for Families

As Dr. Partovi caters to families and patients of all ages, she offers extended evening and weekend hours, making it easy for working parents, busy professionals, children and teens to schedule appointments that work for their unique schedules.