Affordable Braces Los Angeles | Beverly Hills | Dr. Partovi

A philanthropist at heart, Dr. Partovi strongly believes that financial difficulties should never prohibit a child, teen or adult from achieving a beautiful and healthy smile that boosts their confidence. As such, a wide variety of treatment modalities to give you and your family a smile they can be proud of while staying within budget.

Dr. Partovi is committed to making sure everyone who wants braces or Invisalign is able to get them and change their lives for the better, regardless of their financial situation. Her “Smile for Everyone” program is one of the most important components of her practice, and it’s one of the many reasons Dr. Partovi is considered to be among the best orthodontists to offer Beverly Hills affordable braces.


If you choose to straighten your teeth with Dr. Partovi's "Smile for Everyone" program, your treatment will begin during your initial consultation at 360 Orthodontics in Los Angeles. During that meeting, Dr. Partovi will examine your mouth, as well as take x-rays, dental impressions and measurements to identify problem areas and create a custom plan to address them.

During the actual placement of your braces, Dr. Partovi will attach brackets to the front of each of your teeth using a special dental cement. These brackets are connected by a wire, and the wire is connected to the brackets with elastic rings that come in a variety of colorful hues. Once your braces are placed, you will return to the office periodically so Dr. Partovi can assess how your teeth are moving. She will also tighten your braces from time to time, applying strategic pressure to straighten your teeth and align your jaw as needed.